Desafinado by George Michael and Astrud Gilberto

Music has always played an important role in m life. Beautiful music acts as an antidepressant, it elevates one, makes one forget the problems occurring in every day life. Today let me share with you a very beautiful song in the Beautiful Music category – Desafinado sung by George Michael and Astrud Gilberto. I adore this song, I can listen to it again and again and I love the voice of George Michael – he is one of my favorite singers. For me this is an ideal duet of two extremely talented singers. The rich, strong voice of Astrud Gilberto so to say shades the velvety, soft voice of George Michael. They sing perfectly together. It’s a pity, there’s actually no music video for this wonderful song, but it’s really not needed. The song itself is so beautiful – I’m sure, you will enjoy it. Just listen to this fantastic melody.

Desafinado Song Text

And here is the text of the song. The Portuguese language sounds so fantastic, it is so unusual, romantic and pleasant for one’s ears. I’ve even learned some Portuguese words.

Se voce disser que eu desafino amor
Saiba que isso em mim provoca imensa dor
So previlegiados tem ouvido igual ao seu
Eu possuo apenas o que deus me deu

E se voce insiste em classificar
Com o meu comportamento de anti-musical
Nao lhes vou mentir ate vou comentar
Que isso e bossa-nova
Que isso e muito natural
Que voce nao sabe nem sequer pressente
E que os desafinados tambem tem um coracao
Fotografei voce na minha role-flix
Revelou-se a sua enorme engratidao

So nao podera falar assim do meu amor
Que bem maior que voce pode encontrar
Voce passou a musica e esqueceu o principal
Que no peito dos desafinados
No fundo do peito bate calado
No peito dos desafinados tambem bate um coracao

Desafinado in English

And here is one of the English versions of the song. This version was sung by Ella Fitzerald.

Love is like a never-ending melody
Always have compared it to a symphony
A symphony conducted by the lighting of the moon
But our song of love is slightly out of tune

Once your kisses raised me to a fever pitch
Now the orchestration doesn’t seem so rich
Seems to me you’ve changed the tune we used to sing
Like the bossa nova, love should swing

We used to harmonize, two souls in perfect time
Now the song is different and the words don’t even rhyme
Cause you forgot the melody our hearts would always croon
So what good’s a heart that’s slightly out of tune

Tune your heart to mine the way it used to be
Join with me in harmony and sing a song of loving
We’ve got to get in tune again before too long

There’ll be no desafinado
When your heart belongs to me completely
Then you won’t be slightly out of tune
You’ll sing along with me

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