Women and Men Interpret Flirt Differently

Woman and Man FlirtingIt is well known that lots of men misinterpret female flirt and quite often do not understand it. Scientists have discovered another interesting fact. It turns out, married men and married women react differently to flirt with strangers, report scientists from McGill University, Canada. They found that if men do some flirting with a stranger, they have higher demands to their spouses. Women, on the other hand, after a flirt with a stranger treat their husbands more softly and are trying to improve the atmosphere in their families.

A simple test demonstrated that after a successful flirt men are willing to forgive their wives for 12% less than before the flirt, while women in response to their own flirting are willing to forgive their husbands for 17,5% more. The scientists believed that the difference is based on the different attitude of men and women to flirt. While men understand how insignificant and short-lived a relationship based on flirt is; women, on the contrary, take seriously any relationship and in any flirt unconsciously see a danger to their families, that is why they are trying to strengthen their marriage relationships. It seems that the best way out is not to flirt at all in order to save the family. But some women cannot live without flirting.

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