Brain Game about Cord

CordThe last riddle was too easy for you, as I see. What about this one? You have a cord and a lighter. If you fire the cord at the end, it will take half an hour to burn. How do you measure exactly 15 minutes using only these two things? Note that the cord does not burn at a constant speed, that is, some parts burn faster, other parts – slower.

Please, if you want to solve the riddle yourself, don’t read the comments to this brain game, because you may find the answer already written there. I will publish the correct answer in the next brain game. You are always welcome to ask questions about the task in case something is not clear. But, sorry, I will not answer leading questions.

And the answer to the brain game about flowers is three flowers – one rose, one violet, and one tulip. Jed, Amanda, Arsh, Ahoo, thanks for your participation, you’re right!

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