New Weight Loss Tips

Weightloss NewsIf you want to lose weight, make it the rule to eat in front of a mirror stark naked. Matt Roberts who is a personal fitness trainer of Madonna, Sting and other celebrities gave this advice to obese Brits. Obesity problem became so acute in Europe that the topic is now being daily discussed in press and on TV. The media is competing to tell obese Europeans how they can keep their appetite at bay. The Telegraph newspaper, for example, put together expert opinions about different weight loss tricks.

Why Eating Naked Leads to Weight Loss

The oddest advice is to have a lunch naked in front of the mirror. Experts say naked lunch can put people to shame as they watch how they are sending food inside their already imperfect bodies. Experts add, though, that we are supposed to have naked lunch in privacy. But following their logic, we’d felt a greater shame if we took our clothes off in the public – at a restaurant or a theater bar. However, the view of seminude tourists attacking beach buffet restaurants or even lunching right on the beaches doesn’t support the idea. Or should we put stand up mirrors in restaurants and beach cabanas?

Other Weight Loss Tips

Experts also advise on other tricks to keep your appetite at bay, like drinking a glass of cold water before meal, eating a portion of soup before lunch (preferably vegetarian), using kid size plates, forks and knives to make meals look bigger. Weigh loss ideas are abundant. For example, they advise on brushing your teeth more often. Our brain supposedly thinks the meal is over and “forgets” about hunger. Hang the picture of your slim figure days on a fridge, physiologists say. They believe that will prevent people from overeating. The latest advice is to make pictures of everything we eat and then look them through. That will give you a true picture of your diet.

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