Women’s Expectation in Men Runs to £50,000

A £50k salary makes an unequivocal top on the list of women’s expectations as regards men they would like to date. Overlooking economically troubled time, or maybe taking it into consideration, 83,000 British women involved in a survey conducted by UKDating.com came together on this main point: £50k, more not making a problem.

Ideal man

Coming closely in the wake of the money issue, the second requirement for the dream man is having an established career.

Owning an Audi TT which he would handle perfectly holds the third and the fourth places firmly.

The fifth requirement swerves from material possessions into education: a desirable man should have an academic degree.

Background cleared satisfactorily, having good time takes its turn. The sixth and seventh points are the wish to spend an evening now and then watching a movie or a play.

Comments from a spokesperson for UKDating.com underscore that women’s standards maintain their high level of expectation no matter how much the times may change, and single successful men rank high as everybody’s love icon.

“The fact of the matter is that all single females want to live the dream, and a high-achieving partner is another step in the right direction.

“Money has now become more important than ever to our members who cite it as one of the key things they are looking for in a man – as well as good looks of course.”

Oh yes, good looks were mentioned, occupying the ninth place on the list, in company with height. An ideal male must stand 5’11” tall.

Source of the image: Bizonics.com.

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