Child-Free and Happy: 6 Celebs Refusing Motherhood

They don’t get excited either at a child‘s first tooth, nor first word or first step. With nobody to draw on their wallpaper with colorful markers and rob them of sleep at night, they live their quiet lives.

While Angelina Jolie and Madonna are competing for the number of children, they don’t want to have any. covers 6 gorgeous and successful women who will never trade off their peace of mind for messy diapers.

Kim Cattrall, 53

Sex and the City star doesn’t like children, both on stage and behind it. The actress had three marriages and three divorces. In her interviews, Kim told there was no man who could tolerate her acting schedule and she eventually grew to take pleasure in her role as a consummate bachelorette. She once admitted to The Oprah Magazine that the only annoying thing about it to feel as if alienated from society. Kim emphasizes that she doesn’t feel a bit of regret at not becoming a mother. She speaks of herself as a great aunt and hanging out with a lot of friends who raise children and all, but she wants to come back home after work and lay back.

Kim Cattrall

Eva Mendes, 35

Eva doesn’t want her words to get twisted when she says having children is not her style. She likes these cute messy creatures all right but she likes healthy sleep and quite a life better. The beauty-actress has been in a happy civil union with movie maker George Gargurevich and never thought about conventional family.

Eva Mendes

Jessica Biel, 28

Jessica jokingly says she’s having enough worries with her dog as it is. Justin Timberlake supports her stance. The couple has been living together for three years now, making it clear in interviews that there is no wedding on the way.

Jessica Biel

Ophra Winfrey, 56

The prominent TV host was deprived of care as a child so she hasn’t learned from her childhood about maternal care. She remembers herself nursing for a four-year-old one day. It was the day she decided she wouldn’t have children of her own. She has been living 24 years in a civil union with Stedman Graham. Oprah always says she treats the girls at her Leadership Academy For Girls, South Africa, as her daughters. She never had children and even never thought of motherhood, though the fate sent her 152 daughters.

Ophra Winfrey

Rene Zellweger, 40

Bridget Jones star believes that raising children is volunteered slavery because they are real dictators. Rene is deeply convicted that giving birth to a baby puts an end to the career and the liberty of a woman.

Rene Zellweger

Cameron Diaz, 37

Knight and Day star is single and childless, but she isn’t bitter about it at all! Cameron doesn’t say she hates children, always ready to dandle her friend’s babies. The actress doesn’t understand why women absolutely need to have children, humorously saying the planet is already overcrowded.

Cameron Diaz

Do you think one can be child-free and still be happy or is it our predestination to have and raise kids?

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