8 Things Women Secretly Do When Dating a New Boyfriend

You haven’t even noticed how quickly it all progressed: your friends and relatives know you are dating him; you are using pet names on one another, it’s absolutely normal that you walk about his place in his T-shirt. All the signs are there, you’re in. Now you can openly rave about his sexy body and laud his terrific sense of humor. Also, you begin to do other things which you never thought would bring you pleasure. But you discovered their secret appeal and they are part of your attitude to him.


1. You enjoy leaving your things at his place

Your toothbrush has been in his bathroom since you forgot when, later you began to keep some of your clothes in his bedroom, and finally you even brought over your own blanket to make it perfectly comfortable. It’s such fun when you come to him and you see your things waiting for you there, isn’t it?

2. You have already planned your future together

It’s cool that you are getting along like a house on fire, but it’s only the beginning of the road. Nevertheless you are already wondering about how he will make a surprise proposal, you know what song you will dance to and where you are going to live. It goes without saying that you have gotten the names of your future children pat. You know that it’s early days, but it somehow happened by itself.

3. There are some numbers you should delete but you hesitate

You believe that happiness is just what you are experiencing now – yet when you look through your saved phone numbers you see a couple of people you would rather not write off… The hot guy you met last summer and came across at parties several times, he’s quite nice and attractive… All the same, you have to take a deep breath and delete the number.

4. You check out his ex’s facebook profile

She’s gone out of his life, and your boyfriend is utterly happy with you. You’ve won all around, you’re so much better – still something draws you to her facebook profile, and you spend hours on end looking through her photos and reading her statuses way back. Is it a desire for comparison or a desire to picture to yourself how it was when they were together?

5. You get him right

You totally love him – but there are some trifles you would like to correct. Why won’t he join your yoga classes? And the way he eats could be more healthy. We all know that there’s no changing the other person, but it doesn’t mean you’re not to make an attempt now and then. It’s for his own good, after all!

6. You test him for how long he can be patient with you

It’s been smooth sailing at first, but now you know him better and you would like to tell him everything you think about your parents’ divorce or pour out your anxiety over tomorrow’s job interview. Actually you just got to do it – although you are on a lovely date and that is not what he is expecting to happen! Well, it’s a good chance for him to show magnanimity.

7. You share with your girlfriends what he looks like down there

The beginning of a new relationship is an endless string of joys – not the least of them waking up in the morning with a clear memory of the hot night between the sheets. Can you refrain from bragging about it when you meet your BFF? He may take a rather dim view of that, but he isn’t going to know, and you’re just itching to tell about his meat stick and how good he makes you feel.

8. You peep into his medicine cabinet

Yeah, we’re all entitled to our privacy, but there’s no harm really in checking what medicines he keeps in his cabinet. Does he take any pills? What after-shave does he prefer? Does he keep condoms? You don’t need this kind of information actually, but something compels you to open the cabinet and get a look-see.

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