Smart Plate Fitly for Weight Loss

American engineers have created a unique dish that can be used to combat overeating. It is equipped with three digital cameras and scales that assess the amount and the caloric content of foods.


Overeating is a major cause of overweight and obesity epidemic, and only by taking the amount of food intake under control people will be able to get rid of extra kilos. Perhaps, the new SmartPlate, developed by Fitly from Philadelphia, will be helpful. This unique gadget is equipped with three digital cameras and scales that assess the volume and caloric content of food.

Advanced image recognition system used in SmartPlate allows the device to determine exactly what you eat and how many calories are contained in this product. This dish is so “smart” that it can distinguish between different types of bread, noting the difference between white and dark products. The information is transmitted via a mobile app to a smartphone, where it can be represented in all sorts of charts and graphs.

The ultimate goal is to inform the user about the diet he/she actually adheres to, and about the possible problems. In 2011, the Fitly company has launched a mobile application that allows people to “personalize” their foods. After that, the ingredients for cooking certain dishes have been delivered by couriers directly to the door. Now, the market can get the SmartPlate. However, this company needs to raise $100,000, and that is what it is trying to do on the Internet.

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