Easy Way of Detecting Obesity

Having concluded that the classic methods of calculating BMI are not particularly accurate, the scientists have developed a more efficient way to determine whether the person is suffering from obesity. To do this, the authors propose to leave aside mathematical calculations and use the ordinary rope.


The developers of the new method are experts from Oxford Brookes University. They believe their stated option is the simplest known today. To understand whether someone suffers from obesity, they advise to take a rope and use it to measure his/her height.

After that, the rope should be folded in half, connecting the ends. The resulting loop is necessary to get into – if this hole is too small for the waist, you can be sure to have excess weight.

According to The Daily Mail newspaper, this method was successfully tested on nearly 3 thousand volunteers. Curiously, the “method of a rope” determines the weight problem even in those people who believe they have everything in order and nothing to worry about. According to experts, the denial of the problem is very common among those who are prone to obesity. Meanwhile, the new method can serve as a good belief that losing weight is still necessary.

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