What Makes Women Attractive

How to strike a conversation with a stranger man at the bar? Andrew Trees, the author of Decoding Love advises on using non-verbal signals. His findings show repeated eye contact combined with a smile is the most effective way.

Smiling Woman

More than 35 signals an hour can make you an average of four approaches. Another seduction mechanism was discovered by American psychologist Geoffrey Miller as he studied strip dancers.  The amount of tips greatly varied from week to week depending on the women’ fertility cycles. During menstruation, the dancers made an average of £22 an hour, while women who was neither menstruating nor ovulating made an average of £32 an hour. Ovulating women raked in £45!  It has also emerged that contraceptive pills are enemies of tips (and sexual appeal), reducing the amount of tips by an average of £10.

Source of the image: photl.com.

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