Woman's Head Shape Important for the Relationship


The shape of a woman’s head can tell how long and successful the lady’s relationship with men will be. Such an unexpected conclusion was drawn by the researchers from the UK.

Couple in love

The Researchers from the University of Stirling and Glasgow published their observations in the British Journal of Psychology. The article led to the conclusion that the shape of a female head could help foresee the personal life of a woman. It is already established that men choose women with feminine facial features to flirt with, and if they plan a long-term relationship, the women’s features tend to be more masculine. Now it turns out that the same can be applied to the shape of the skull.

It turns out that the women with less attractive skulls in terms of the standards of female beauty (oblong in shape and with “square” jaws) were evaluated by several hundred volunteers in order to find more suitable ladies for long-term relationships. But the women with more rounded skulls and feminine facial features were named most often just as suitable for short intrigues and flirting.

Some of the experts even thought of craniology, the science about the shape of a skull. It was extremely popular in the 19th century, and many enthusiasts in craniology sincerely believed that the human skull showed its mental faculties. Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso compiled a general classification of the skulls of “potential criminals.” Later, many postulates of craniology were considered unscientific.

However, the study of British scientists has a grain of truth. According to most men, the less attractive a woman is, the more devoted to her husband she should be. Women’s beauty is somehow able to undermine man’s self-confidence.