When Do Most Breakups Occur & Why?

That’s right, breakups are not spread out evenly over the whole year. There are times when, as NBC researchers tell us, you run the highest risk of your boyfriend pulling a serious face and informing you he has something important to tell you. Can you guess the two periods when the percentage of breakups ups dramatically? The beginning of spring (March usually) and holidays, when your thoughts are turned to the best ways of spending Thanksgiving or Christmas. Oh, it’s so upsetting, nevertheless, it happens so often that it became known as “the turkey drop.” But why on earth should men spoil holidays in this fashion? Well, there are reasons.

He Has Been Waiting for the Most Appropriate Moment

In his opinion, your relationship has been heading nowhere lately and he started wanting off. Then he looked out for the most suitable time to break – and by a mysterious process of reasoning, he arrived at the closest holiday. Maybe because he feels not so busy on holiday and personal wishes and ideas grow stronger and demand to vent. So he comes out into the open without thinking that he should have been thinking in terms of gifts, not splits.

He Is Not Going to Take You to His Parents

As you come round to discussing the forthcoming holidays the question arises whether you will go on a visit to his or to your parents’ place. There is no way of knowing if he has thought about having you meeting his parents before, but as the holiday is drawing near, your meeting his parents becomes inevitable – even if it doesn’t happen quite soon, it is going to happen the next time around to be sure. So, you’re in for getting together with his family, which will mark a new level of your relationship. As soon as it happens he will have to answer a string of inquiries after the girl he brought along on the holiday of the year so-and-so; if he wants to avoid the bother of explaining how come you don’t come along anymore, he may think it would be much better not to take you to his parents’ place since it’s not what he really means to go on with.

He Would Like to Keep You Away from His Friends

As the holiday is nearing, the number of parties grows drastically. There will be a party at your office with the boss unbending after several rounds of drinks, most of your friends will be arranging parties, and you get a lot of invitations. Now if he has been your boyfriend for a couple of months already, he should obviously invite you to come along. He can’t go attending his friends’ parties without you by his side, it’s just not comme il faut.

If he is set to end your relationship and wants to avoid being asked about you by his parents later, the same goes to his friends and colleagues: he doesn’t feel like introducing you to them only to be subjected to awkward questioning, explaining that he had split with you and probably listening to jokes about his treatment of women. It’s far easier to have it out with you before the holiday fun gets unleashed.

He Doesn’t Feel Like Buying You a Present

This may be the most selfish reason of all, but then again, it’s understandable from the point of view of a person who is not going to continue the relationship. A man who means to have you around for a long while would have been thinking about what to give you long ago. But it looks like this one is averse to spending both his money and his feelings on you. Maybe it puts a strain on him and provides another reason to have it out with you right before the big day.

So he hasn’t braced himself to live what is to him a lie. A present you would cherish would mean he experiences deep feelings for you – so when comes a time to give gifts his real attitude to you is more likely to come out into the open.

He Intends to Start Anew with a New Girlfriend

It is especially true for the New Year. This holiday draws a line crossing which imbues us with a feeling of refreshment. There is no point in coming into the new year with someone who may pass out of your life very soon. Better to find someone else to date through the oncoming year! So it’s not actually surprising that people would want to mark the new calendar with a new promising relationship instead of dragging in the one that is slowly growing stale.

Albeit somewhat reasonable, these (and other ones that may be involved) reasons are definitely not good, and if they were explained away here doesn’t mean that it’s admissible – to think of the feelings of girls all agog for enjoying their hard-earned holiday and having to cope with the residue of a break up instead. Yet, after all, nobody is really fond of listening to our older relatives reminding you after half a year has gone that you looked “so in love” at the last Thanksgiving party!

Another point for such holiday drops is that you don’t want to move alone and have to go to work feeling bad after the breakup. Both of you can go apart and find a bit of consolation partying away with friends or feeling comfy within your family circle. When discussing this happening with yourself it’s far more interesting not why he said it when he said it but – how long he has been wanting to break up with you?

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