Surprising Celebs’ Skills You’d Never Expect

In some aspects famous people don’t manifest any difference from us ordinary guys – they take up hobbies for change and distraction. Some of these hobbies are rather small-time, but there are individuals who take up something awesome and absolutely outlandish. The range of options is virtually endless, from juggling to creating works of art from the craziest material beyond the bounds of imagination (like teeth). See how many quaint occupations are engaged in by celebrities you would never have guessed have been at it for a long time!

Angelina Jolie throws knives

Seeing that it is Angelina Jolie, few of us would be surprised to learn that she is into something out of ordinary and maybe even sinister. Actually, she has had a collection of weaponry for a very long time and got down to throwing knives in earnest when she was engaged in shooting Tomb Raider. When it was discussed on The Conan O’Brien Show the actress was called upon to show her prowess, and the audience looked on in awe.

Geena Davis shoots with a bow and arrow

Not so long ago, in 1999, the American producer/actress participated in the U.S. Olympics for archery and made it into semifinals. True, Davis went no further and didn’t qualify for the following year’s Summer Olympics, but the 24th place out of 300 participants is something to write home about. Especially if we take into account the fact that Davis had been in for archery for only two years by that time.

Mike Tyson is in for pigeon racing

Pigeon racing may be something not quite familiar for a lot of people. There is a special kind of pigeon known as a homing pigeon. They are taken as far away as 100 miles from their home coop and let out of the cages. The point is how quickly they can return to the coop. So we can imagine the famous boxer traveling around with his birds in a cage. Tyson himself says his fondness for pigeons dates back from his childhood when he had a coop in his seedy Brooklyn district. Being on the roof with homing pigeons, he stated, gives totally unique energy which is akin to therapy.

Pierce Brosnan performs with fire

One of the James Bonds of the movie industry is as risky as the character he portrayed. Initially, the actor got enlisted for a spell in a fire-eating clinic because (as he confessed) he was interested in topless women. Anyway, in 1969 he got involved in fire-eating and succeeded in it enough to give a few public performances. Now he doesn’t go for it any longer, but maybe he would deliver if it proves to be necessary.

Justin Bieber can do it with the Rubik’s cube

The world record for doing the Rubik’s cube in under 5 seconds, so Bieber with his solving time of two minutes isn’t making any records; yet his ability to master the cube within minutes is estimable. Somehow he proved to be unable to resolve his other problems in a similar fashion, but he may enhance his abilities in the future.

Neil Patrick Harris performs magic tricks

Harris’s native New Mexico town was small and could offer little by way of entertainment, so he got interested in magic and developed into a pretty good performer. Having become an actor, Harris hasn’t given up the exciting occupation, on the contrary, he was inspired by it when choosing parts like the one in A Series of Unfortunate Events, Count Olaf. Harris regards his profession as also embracing magic, since portraying characters involves chameleon-like qualities.

Taylor Swift makes her own jellies

When not touring or composing, pop diva Taylor Swift likes to prepare presents for her friends – and some of these gifts are home-made. Having been brought up on a Christmas tree farm, Swift enjoyed eating all kinds of home-made jellies and jams her mother prepared year after year. The A-lister became a tradition follower and now makes her own preserves that find their way to her dearest friends.

Christopher Walken tames lions

This is scary, and we have reasons to be afraid for the popular actor and playwright – but according to Walken, his lion was very docile and no more dangerous than a cat, so he succeeded brilliantly!

Bob Dylan can handwork iron

Bob Dylan composed a lot of social and philosophical songs so that we picture him with a guitar in hand – but he can also handle heavier tools! He is and has been for a long time, an iron sculptor. He achieved such heights in the art that several exhibitions of his creations were opened in N.Y. galleries. Dylan hails from Hibbing, Minnesota, which he refers to as “iron-ore country” that inspires such kind of a hobby. So he was bound to drift to picking up discarded pieces of metal and pondering what he could do with them. He seems to have had masses of ideas always!

Demi Lovato is flexible as if she had no bones

The Tell Me You Love Me singer is double-jointed, which allows her to turn her arms around in a way totally impossible for all of us. It may be not quite pleasant to witness.

Harrison Ford is a pilot of the merit

Long before Ford became a famous actor, he flew high on board of planes, being a licensed pilot. But for a while he had to lay it aside, for pursuing this hobby requires wads and wads of dough, but when his ducats began to pile up, he caught up with his interests. His flying skills were so good that they brought him several awards for exemplary handling of aircraft.

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