Signs Your Man Has a Midlife Crisis

If your beloved man suddenly started using a moisturizer before going to bed and thinking about getting a tattoo, he is likely to go through an early midlife crisis, English researchers claim.


A survey conducted among 2,000 men revealed some signs of a midlife crisis, which many may not be aware of. For example, a man’s sudden desire to do sports, run a marathon or go to gym can testify that he started to feel old and desperately wants to extend his youth. The same with tattooing.

The survey showed that the traditional signs of a midlife crisis, such as depression and attempts to have a young mistress are outdated. At least, a third of respondents say so, and every fourth calls these signs a cliché. The symptom of the crisis nowadays is, for example, when men start taking probiotic yogurts or using a moisturizer.

Many men suddenly start going to work by bike instead of a car. Someone creates an account in a social network, and someone gets interested in the latest popular diets. The survey showed that 50% of men over 40 are trying to look more slender and athletic, and for that, they are willing to take pains, like taking up extreme sports.

It turned out that a typical midlife crisis starts at 45 and lasts, on average, a little over a year. However, two-thirds of the respondents said that this term is often used to describe any non-standard behavior of men over 40.

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