The Perfect Height Difference between a Man & a Woman

Traditionally, a man must be taller in a couple than a woman. But how taller? The scientists learned the answer to this question due to a survey of 700 men and women.


For example, women believe that men should be taller by about 20 cm (7,8 inches). And the stronger sex would like to have quite a smaller height difference – only 8 cm (3,1 inches).

50,000 men and women were surveyed on the topic of ideal height. It was found that the optimal height for a woman is 173 cm (5’8”), and for a man – 188 cm (6’2”).

Statistical data also show that in the vast majority of couples (92.5%) a man is taller than a woman. In 4% of couples, a woman is taller than her partner, and in 3.5% of couples men and women are of the same height.

By the way, the scientists from Gallup Institute found not so long ago that the height of a human being influences his/her fate. Men and women, who are taller than the average height (men taller than 177.8 cm (5’10”), and women taller than 162.6 cm (5’4”)) feel happier, more cheerful, and fortunate than their friends with a low height.

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