Online Dating Tricks: How to Know He’s Married?

Imagine meeting him, for example, in Tinder. The new acquaintance is charming and polite. The man is surely interested in you and pays his attention. He seems to be the perfect match! We will tell you how to quickly understand that the match is not perfect at all and that the man of dreams is a cynical deceiver.

He does not press or manipulate

From the very beginning of your online communication, he has shown miracles of patience and understanding. He doesn’t try to find out if you live alone. He does not overwhelm you with compliments (especially – vulgar and unethical ones!). He doesn’t ask you to go out for a coffee at 10 pm tonight because tomorrow he flies to another city (mind the pandemic) for three weeks.

He simply maintains a normal human respectful dialogue. Is it a miracle? Not at all. After a few days of communication, you will see what is going to happen next.

He replies to messages regularly but infrequently

Early in the morning, he can send a greeting and wish you a good day. At lunchtime, he’ll complain about bad weather and grumpy bosses. In the evening (most often, closer to midnight), he says he is tired and sends a funny meme.

He will never be inclined to communicate between 18 and 22 hours. This is the time when married people come home from work and communicate with their family. At the weekend, he will pretend being a lark and write early in the morning, but then disappear from the radar until Monday. After all, married men need to buy groceries for a week, go to visit their mother-in-law or spend time with the child on the playground.

He says he is very busy at work

And you willingly believe in it! The ideal guy: works, earns money, and never procrastinates. A perfect match!

In fact, this is just an excuse for the fact that he simply cannot write often and a lot because he is married and has his own life, in which there is no place for you.

He has “no social networks”

You would like to get to know such an ideal partner better. However, it turns out that he has no accounts in social networks, he considers them a waste of time or does not want to disclose his personal data. He thinks there are spies around, and he is a very important person who can be watched closely. Yeah, try and believe it.

He probably has social networks. His avatar maybe a photo with his beloved wife or child. His “albums” are full of the sweetest family shots, heart emoticons, declarations of love and fidelity – till death does them apart.

He does not give you his phone number

There are many instant messengers now where you can add an account via using a nickname. You don’t need to disclose your phone number. Most likely, you could start using a similar messenger after Tinder or the like.

And why? Having his phone number, you can synchronize contacts with social networks and see his profile there with family albums, hearts, and so on.

He does not seek to meet in reality

More often than not, it does not come to a real meeting. Such warm chatting can last for months, and he will continue to delay the moment of meeting with you. You will hopefully wait, but you won’t dare to ask directly. And if you do, most likely, he will cleverly evade the meeting, explaining the whole situation with business trips and hard work.

Why does he need this communication then? As a matter of fact, family life is not always sunshine, it is often emotionally difficult, especially when there are children. Or when a man considers himself a decent person, not capable of adultery.

Communicating with a pleasant woman, not burdened with family and life, and requiring no obligations becomes the way to fight stress, and that helps to endure a difficult marriage.

Do you want to help him outpour such emotions? Decide for yourself.

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