Xiaomi Hipee Smart: a Posture Correction Gadget

The proprietary crowdfunding platform Xiaomi Youpin has launched a project to raise funds for the release of a compact Hipee Smart device designed for posture correction. Compact and lightweight (50 or 62 grams, depending on the modification), the device is designed to solve one of the most pressing problems of mankind – changes in posture due to a sedentary lifestyle, constant use of smartphones and work with computers.

A smart gadget with the full name Hipee Smart Posture Correction Wizard will prompt the user to train weakening muscles in real-time. Also, the electronic device will offer professional courses for correcting posture and will allow (in a playful way) to conduct training that “straighten the hunched spine.”

A standard posture correction belt acts on the spine with an external load, which, if worn for a long time, can only aggravate the problem. Meanwhile, Hipee Smart helps users self-form the correct posture with real-time body tracking reminders and a variety of exercise sets.

The user simply puts on the device and fixes the correct posture according to the instructions. When the device detects that the posture is incorrect, it starts vibrating to remind the user to return to the correct posture. As a result, the user will develop the habit of correct posture.

Depending on the age, the users will be able to choose from different Hipee Smart models for adults and children. The latter are offered devices with cat paws. The price of Hipee Smart at Youpin is 99 Yuan ($14.8). Over 23,500 users have shown interest in the project and have already raised 2.3 times more funds than needed to start the project.

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