Gold Jewelry Myths and Truth

Modern fashion seems to allow almost everything. “It’s not acceptable, they don’t wear it like that, they don’t wear it at all”- a dozen or more prohibitions are associated with jewelry. We hope that nobody takes for granted the sacred beliefs in the spirit of “pearls are worn only by married women. Yet, the myths about what is stylish and what is not continue to be passed on by jewelry lovers. We have to debunk the most popular of them.

It is gold when it is colored as gold, the rest does not matter

For a long time, white and rose gold were not considered “gold” as such: they were treated with suspicion, and people considered them fake jewelry. It was believed that they are closer to silver, which means that they are not as prestigious or durable. Of course, pure gold is bright yellow, but this does not mean that other derivatives of the precious metal are not gold.

The value of the metal depends on its composition and sample rather than the color. White and yellow gold 585 are equal to each other in metal jewelry. White gold was invented in the 20th century: it is obtained by adding palladium to the alloy. To give the metal its characteristic white tint, it is plated with rhodium by galvanizing.

Jewelry sets cannot be broken or worn with anything else

In fact, you can do that. Otherwise, why buy jewelry and forbid yourself to wear it the way you want?

If you have a set bought in excitement or inherited from your mother or grandmother – this is great: such jewelry has a history and pleasant memories. Or maybe you really like the design so much that you want to wear a ring, earrings, and pendant from the same line.

There are occasions when a strict and verified look is required, for example, at official events. In everyday life, we still recommend breaking the sets, wearing no more than two identical pieces of jewelry together: earrings and a pendant, a pendant and a bracelet, earrings and a ring. One day you can wear ruby earrings with a white shirt and jeans, and the other day you can wear a ring from a set with a voluminous wool turtleneck.

There is one trick that will definitely help you find balance with jewelry, if you are not sure of the choice: the greater the distance between similar jewelry, for example, earrings and a bracelet, or a necklace and a ring, the better. The jewelry then looks better without catching the eye at the same time and without merging into one spot.

The set can be complemented with basic jewelry that matches the main one in style: a thin bracelet made of metal of the same color, a chain or a ring with a gem of the same color.

No rings are worn without a colored coating on the nails

Firstly, the color of the nail polish depends solely on your preferences and whether you can wear bright colors at work. There are also professions in which any covering of nails is prohibited. Do not give up the rings because of this!

Secondly, there are very demanding shades of nail polishes: not all jewelry and gems will look good with them. Therefore, either you already have your favorite color combinations and you know in advance that you will wear this or that color and jewelry, or, if you like jewelry in different styles and different colors, you can wear a coating of neutral nude shades or completely abandon it.

Thirdly, the main thing is a neat manicure rather than coating. Rings focus attention on the hands: dry skin or uneven nails will be hard to miss. Therefore, do not forget about hand cream and cuticle oil to prolong the life of your manicure.

Wearing gold and silver jewelry together is mauvais ton

Both on the catwalks and in jewelry advertising campaigns, jewelry made from white, yellow, and even pink metals has long been brought together. On the contrary, this technique is a new and popular trend. Despite this, many women are still wary of combining metals of different shades: they approve of the popular love for sets, but they are also afraid of being misunderstood.

Yes, there are times when jewelry needs to be matched with the color of accessories or clothing, but in general, this is not at all a prerequisite. Do not be afraid to combine several bracelets, chains, rings of different shades of the precious metal at once. To get started, try the jewelry that already combines two colors of gold. The main advice is to develop your awareness, look for stylish examples, and do not be afraid to experiment.

Large jewelry is good only for the night

Massive jewelry used to be considered an option for evenings out only. But the line between morning and evening events has long been blurred, and modern women increasingly need to dress to look appropriate both at the office table and at an evening cocktail party.

The main thing is to skillfully balance the image and choose the jewelry that suits the style. A win-win option is clothing in neutral shades plus decorations in mono colors: suits, men’s-cut shirts, loose silk blouses, and turtlenecks. Jewelry of laconic forms is perfect for them: gold hoop earrings, massive chain-necklace, or wide bracelets.

If you want to choose a large piece of jewelry with gems, give it an honorable centerpiece of the look: it is difficult to argue with large and bright accents, and additional details will interfere.

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