No Sex before Marriage: Pros

The scientists from the Institute of Medicine in Utah, the USA, have analyzed the common life of more than two thousand of married couples of different ages and made some interesting observations.

Man and woman

The spouses, who had managed to keep virginity until marriage, that is until the first marriage night, assessed their current marital relationship 21% higher than those husbands and wives who had had sex life before making their relationship legal.

Furthermore, those people who had abstained from sex until marriage were 20% more satisfied with the relations between the spouses in their family. Mutual understanding was ten per cent higher in such couples. And many of the “abstaining from sex before marriage” group noted that their sex life in marriage was just amazing.

According to many experts, sexual relations between the husband and the wife are not the only component of the happy marriage relationship. However, it is sex, or rather abstaining from it until marriage, that has had an enormous influence on the subsequent post-nuptial life of the spouses. As the authors of the study claim, such positive effect is caused by the fact that by the time of the first intimate relationship the spouses already know each other in a very good way, and understand their partner’s desire at the level of intuition.

Source of the image: Photl.

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