Can Money Buy You Love?

Sociologists have discovered that money can still buy you love. However, the “buyer” should not lack money to succeed.


The “Can’t Buy Me Love” Song Is a Myth

The Mintel research company has decided to find whether the material welfare of the person influenced his success in personal life. The famous song Can’t Buy Me Love by Beatles was a beautiful myth. It is possible to buy love, but it entirely depends on how much a person earns.

Income & Love Linked

It turned out that the higher the income is, the higher the probability to find a love partner could be. Only 4% of the rich people (with the income of above 50,000 pounds per year) have never fallen in love. The smaller the amount of people’s annual income is, the worse chances to find love they have – with 9,500 pounds of income per year and less than that, the number of people, who cannot find love, rises to 17%.

Do It Like Celebs

The income from about 50,000 or more provided an average of five love periods during lifetime. What is meant here is the mutual feeling, and not some secret unreturned affection. In general, modern popular culture has greatly simplified the issue. Celebrities are constantly getting married and divorced. Monogamous people are now perceived as black sheep, and the society follows the stars’ behavior. Therefore, if earlier people used to fall in love and start a family once or twice in life, this number has increased by several times nowadays.

Online Dating Leads to More Partners

The fact that money is now associated with success in love seems rather curious to Mintel analyst Richard Cope. More and more people pay for different dating services, designed to help them find a beloved one. And the more money you have, the more opportunities to meet him/her. It naturally leads to having more partners. Previously, the overwhelming number of people used to get acquainted at work, with the help of friends and in nightclubs. Today, the Internet has become the main method of communication.