What Makes a Woman Look Younger or Older?

Science has been studying the mechanisms of aging for a long time. The recent study carried out by British experts and involving the residents of different countries, identifies the causes of premature aging and loss of female beauty. According to the experts, the intensity of aging in women is by half determined by their genetics.


It is reported that the study involved 585 women from Britain, Spain, and China, aged 30-75 years. This geographical area was not accidental. The fact is that skin aging is different in the women from different ethnic groups and regions. Taking into account this characteristic, the scientists have tried to define “pure” factors of influence on female appearance.

The appearance of women, the condition of their skin and hair were assessed during the study. The experts have also estimated the habits and lifestyle of the volunteers. As a result, the researchers were convinced that the ability of women to remain youthful for a long time is largely determined by genetic factors; however, the way of life is also of great importance.

Commenting on these data, the head researcher, Andrew Myers, explained that the state of a woman’s skin by 50% depends on genetics, while the role of lifestyle is 33%. Stressing the importance of such factors as lifestyle, Myers said that after a series of tests, the scientists had been impressed by the influence of various forms of addiction on a person’s appearance.

The results indicate that smoking, alcohol, the influence of the sun, frequent trips to the solarium, and dieting have an extremely negative effect on women’s appearance. The ladies, who stick to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, have a much younger appearance than their actual age – the difference is about 10 years.