Middle-Aged Women Want More Sex

British scientists conducted new study on how the quality of sexual life in female changes with age. The findings reassured that women experience both the improvement in sex life and the increase in sexual desire with age. The study involved 2000 women and 77 percent of women said that their sex life was at the peak when they were at the age of 40-50 years. 82 percent of women from this age group said sex was never more important for them than at this age.


Other studies prop up the findings of British doctors. For example, US scientists found that forty years olds want more sex than younger women. Psychotherapist Jane Polden who works with middle-aged women said that women experience ever-improving sex life with age. It happens because middle-aged women already learned how to get satisfaction in bed and care about extra pounds and their looks less than younger women. Also, women after 40 are more self-confident and don’t afraid to initiate sex. Besides, menopause hormonal profile boosts sexual drive in women.

Source of the image: thelstalk.com.

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