What Do Men Look at First in a Woman?

Contrary to the popular belief, breasts are not the first thing men notice when meeting a woman. Scientists have discovered what men really appreciate at first sight.

Woman with Makeup

The study involved more than 1,000 men. About 700 of these noted that the first thing they pay attention to is the eyes, and then – the smile.

Scientists disprove the stereotype that men primarily assess woman’s breast. Although the stereotype is not completely wrong – breasts took the third place.

The study was conducted among women, as well. As it turned out, both sexes have much in common. Women, like men, first pay attention to the eyes and smile. Nevertheless, their eyes then move not to the chest, but to the hair and height. After that, women evaluate style, weight, skin, face shape, and buttocks.

Men, having assessed the eyes, smile and breasts, begin to evaluate weight and hair. Next are legs and style. Buttocks took the eighth place, but the skin is what men pay attention in the last place.