Love at First Sight Doesn’t Exist

Forget about love at first sight, because all the strong and romantic feelings that you have encountered in the past are just in your imagination. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Nottingham.


British scientists claim that human memory is constantly rewriting the past, adding wisdom that we gain with age and experience. Therefore, we cannot rely on our memories, and love at first sight is nothing more than imagination. The researchers concluded so after a series of memory tests in a group of volunteers.

Dr. Donna Jo Bridge says when you think of meeting your current partner, whom you supposedly loved at first sight, you will experience a kind of euphoria. In fact, you are just projecting your current attitude to the beloved on the past. Now you love him for real, and you think that this feeling arose instantaneously, which is not true. Love at first sight is a figment of imagination, a beautiful Hollywood picture.

Dr. Bridge says that our brain is constantly rewriting memories, replenishing them with fresh emotions and new experiences. Our memory is not a video camera, she says. These “records” are regularly rewritten and edited to conform to the current state and values. We cannot be credible witnesses, even when it comes to criminal offenses, because memory is changing facts all the time.