How To Say “I Love You” With a Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers

Oh, look. Another box of chocolates to show your undying love for your significant other. What a classic move.

And by classic, we mean kind of tasteless.

Come on, people. Sure, chocolate has been a tried-and-true way to express your feelings for the important people in your life, and they’re obviously a good go-to. But there comes a time when you have to realize it’s time to do better.

Here’s the thing. Instead of chocolate, why not make a bouquet of flowers out of other beautiful blossoms? That sounds like a pretty good idea if you ask us.

Flowers have been used to stand for many ideas and occasions, and that includes showcasing affection. With that said, here’s how you should use flowers to give off that perfect touch of love for any occasion.

How to Use a Bouquet of Flowers to Express Your Feelings

Scientifically and historically speaking, flowers symbolize happiness, tranquility, creativity, and of course, love. Specifically, each flower can symbolize a different thought or intention, and knowing these will help you to select the right ones.

One of the most popular colors – if not, the most popular color – is red. A red flower is synonymous with passion and extreme affection. In other words, this is the go-to color for the one who’s your soul mate.

Buying the classic red rose is a sure way to set the right mood. If a rose isn’t really your thing, then a red chrysanthemum will certainly give off the different look you want while still giving off that romantic vibe.

Not trying to express that level of love? There are flowers for all types of occasions.

Try a yellow flower on for size if you’re expressing the love of friendship. It’s a poppy, vibrant color that mimics the vibrant feel of your relationship. A sunflower is a good choice to make this happen.

An iris flower is also a very good way to express love for family and friends, so yellow irises are definitely the way to go.

Looking for something truly unique? Try the Matthiola Incana on for size. If the name wasn’t special enough, the flower itself grows an array of light pink blossoms that work their way up the stems, making it stand alone from the pack.

They also give off their own impressive scent that smells of cinnamon and clove, so not only do they look pretty, but they smell good, too.

Sounds interesting to you? Then start off by making sure you give your loved one the best bouquet money can buy. We recommend that you try With Our Aloha for their beautiful arrangements and amazing prices.

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