5 Positive Ways to Turn Your Luck Around

Do you ever feel that you’re close to achieving your dreams but they never come to fruition? It seems that unless you’re on the elite list of Lady Luck herself, there’s no chance of you ever having a good life at all.

So what can the unfortunate do to get some good luck into their lives? Well if you’re reading this now, then you’ve come to the right place for such advice.

SurveyH has come up with the most effective ways to turn your luck around for the better. And here’s how you can do just that:

Visualize Your Success

If you can think it, you can make it happen. That’s what visualizing your goals does for you. Take, for example, a group of the best physicians in town, who manage to find the best treatment for their patients because they envision it.

Similarly, if you’re applying for an upcoming job for a high-paying and high-in-demand company, simply visualize your calm behavior and responses to potential questions as you prepare yourself.

So if you have ambitions or goals that you want to achieve down the line, just imagine your road to success and where you see yourself in about a month or a year from now. Once you do that, go back to where you are now and plan the steps you can take that can get you there.

Analyze the Choices You Make

Most people think of luck as a game of chance. And although there may be some modicum of a chance to it, it isn’t exactly that. You see being lucky merely reflects the choices that we make in life.

When taken collectively, the smallest actions we take define who we are in life and the type of people that we attract, the media that we’re exposed to, the environments that we find ourselves in, the way we spend our days, and how we interpret the world. These are all characteristics of what and how the world thinks of us as well as the possibilities that stem from that perception.

Hence, these characteristics or elements that define us reflect the choices that we make in our lives so we can achieve something beyond the scope of those characteristics, which is otherwise known as “luck.”

Be Grateful When Starting Your Day

In order to set yourself on the right path, begin by practicing gratitude. Start off your day by writing down or saying aloud at least five things that you really appreciate about that moment or day. This is what Madeleine Culbertson, a life coach, and yoga instructor advises. It may look trivial, but it might change your outlook on life.

Practice ‘Fake It Til You Make It’

When you experience events that don’t go your way, you can do something to prevent yourself from feeling too negative. This practice is known as ‘fake it till you make it.”

To do this, plan out a time each day to recite daily affirmations and try putting some effort behind this practice, only then things will change for the better around you. It could be quicker or slower, but it does work when given the chance.

Be As Positive As You Can Be

Apart from being grateful, it helps to stay positive for the rest of the day as well. It might be difficult (perhaps even impossible), but the important thing is to remain as hopeful as you can be.

Spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport says that positive energy brings in more positive energy. As soon as you shift your thinking, and go through all of the improvements that you have made in life, you will eventually start seeing things taking a turn for the best.

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