5 Iconic Jewelry Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

While most trends come and go, there is always a list of classics that never go out of style. Think the classic white t-shirt, leather jackets, or the little black dress, all trends that consistently maintain their staying power. Jewelry trends are the same. Here are 5 classic jewelry styles that you should consider investing in for years of trends to come.


If Audrey Hepburn taught us anything in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s that pearls will always be in style. Pearls have a simple, yet stunning elegance and quickly dress up any outfit. The options are endless with pearls coming in a variety of colors and styles. You can mix and match pearl necklaces, earrings, or bracelets depending on your look. Long and short styles of necklaces can help you match your pearls to current trends, so consider having a variety of options to choose from. Pearls are easily one of the most timeless and classic jewelry trends you can add to your collection.

Diamond earrings

Perfect for daily wear or for special occasions, classic diamond earrings are a timeless addition to complete any look. If you’re thinking about purchasing your first pair, classic studs are a great choice. Size and style of diamond earrings are so versatile. If you’re concerned about price, lab-grown diamond earrings are a fantastic new option. Today’s labs are able to replicate the exact same optical, chemical, and physical features of traditional diamonds by utilizing high-pressure chambers to replicate the same conditions of the earth’s crust. Lab created diamonds are equal in structure, brilliance, and sparkle in every way, and are an extremely ethical way to begin your diamond collection.

Monogram necklace

Although the styles may change slightly from year to year, a monogram necklace is always on trend. Monograms can be your own or one with special meaning making it even more special. There are so many styles of initial necklaces available, such as a classic dainty initial necklace, that you can find one that fits your personal style of years to come.

Hoop earrings

Dainty, oversized, metallic, or natural materials, owning a variety of hoop earrings can add a classic twist to a mix-and-match style. Utilitarian in nature, hoop earrings are great for showing personal style as well. Smaller hoops are classic workwear, while you can go bigger for evenings out or parties. Hoop earrings are a classic that has something to offer for almost any occasion and personal style choices.

Classic Watch

No matter the style, a watch is always a classic choice, especially for everyday wear. Watches can be dainty, chunky, feminine, or masculine, the options are almost endless. Fashionable and functional, you can have a variety of watches in your collection to incorporate with a range of looks in your closet.

As you curate classics in your wardrobe, consider adding a variety of these time-honored pieces of jewelry into your collection for timeless, easy styling for years to come no matter the current trends.

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