How to Meet Your Mr. Big?

Alone in your apartment? Accustomed to sharing the solitude with your beloved dog or cat? That’s fine, but your true desire is to feel the warmth and affection of the beloved man. Then start searching for him! With the 5 secret tricks that we will reveal to you right now, it is a cinch!


This fact can be hardly called eye-opening, but there are few places with a high concentration of men. A pub is not your option, right? Sometimes you come to a fitness center, where you expect to see a lot of men, and there turn to be only women…

Is your day lost? Of course not! Not in your case!

All the methods and tricks described further increase the likelihood of a meeting regardless of place. You can learn other 40 ways to meet a decent man from the book, “Get the Guy: How to Find, Attract, and Keep Your Ideal Mate”

They do not give a 100% guarantee, but they expand opportunities to meet a man, and maybe more than one. Therefore, you don’t need to go “hunting” in the place where men gather. You can do your daily routine while behaving in a new way, and it will attract attention to you.

What does it mean to behave in a new way? What do I need to pay attention to and perhaps change?

1. Gait: an old woman or a lady?

Step back and look at yourself from the outside. If your gait resembles that of a shriveled old woman or an unconfident woman, it is necessary to take immediate action! However trivial it may sound, the gait should be feminine, delicate, and smooth. So, you’ve developed feminine gait. This means that while you are looking for a certain building walking down the street beautifully, someone can see you from a car, a window of the nearby shop or cafe.

One look is enough for a man to change his path and come up to meet you!

2. Slow down: you will not meet someone in a rush!

Coming into a room, do not break or rush to the place you need immediately. Get used to pausing at the threshold. Slow down when you enter and leave a building, always look around. As a rule, people unknowingly pay attention to those who come in. These fractions of seconds will not just draw attention to you – they will let you assert yourself. This little habit will also help catch someone’s interested gaze, smile at him and create excellent conditions for a meeting. This is our goal!

3. Clothes: how do you look in men’s eyes?

You have to dress up in bright, but not gaudy, clothes. And whatever may be said, fine dress helps to impress, and only then you will be able to show other qualities. Clothing should emphasize your strengths and conceal flaws, making you stand out from the crowd. Knowing you look good and dressed well, you will be confident, and that’s very important.

Do not forget that you need to communicate with the staff in a friendly manner. Not only the looks, but also the behavior should be nice and attractive. Dress in bright clothes and communicate with the staff of all public places in a friendly way. This is the key to success!

Clothes will hook a man’s gaze, and a pleasant chat will trigger the desire of a man passing by or sitting at the next table to come up or at least take a closer look.

4. Emotions: Do not hold back the inner impulse!

Display emotions loudly, if there is a reason. There are women so full of complexes that even when they are surprised, they conceal it so that no one notices. And it is not so much because of embarrassment, but from their inability to express emotions. After all, they’ve heard from parents that a woman should be modest and quiet. However, it can hardly be called modesty. It’s more a gray mouse complex developed over the years.

The woman keeps silent, instead of showing her wonderful emotions. Do this! Is something funny? Laugh! Laugh openly, contagiously! Admiring something? Express your enthusiasm! And not with your everyday tedious voice but loudly, playing with intonations, to express what you feel. “Spray” your emotions around! It helps to grab attention.

Yes, several times you will be snorted at by a few embittered women, but that’s just because they cannot do it like you do. Their gray mouse complex sits deeply and is almost ineradicable. Finally, you will be noticed by a man who’ll want to talk. He will say a compliment or comment on something, but the conversation will take place, and you will get acquainted.

5. Help: show your weakness

Now feminists will start throwing stones. Remember that you are a woman, and the woman is weak! You can consider yourself strong and be strong, but for men – you are weak! Ask men for help, even if you could manage yourself. This is a daily exercise, which should become a habit.

Always ask for help and thank men with a smile. When the habit takes root, at one of the crucial moments in life when you will not really know what to do, you will just come up to him and say with a gentle smile, “I’m sorry, would you help me to carry this bag to my car, please? I’d be really grateful.”

Despite the fear and nervousness, you’ll do this in a perfectly beautiful and feminine manner just because you have done it hundreds of times before, you’ve honed your skills. He will be stunned and will ask for your phone number.

These 5 tricks will help you develop the femininity that is so appealing to men. Even if you do attend specific places where you can meet a man, but you radiate femininity in your everyday life, do not worry – you will be noticed!