New Toothbrush Makes Teeth Clean in Just 10 Seconds

A group of inventors has created a toothbrush, which allows you to clean your teeth in just a few seconds. Up to now, the revolutionary device has no analogues. Moreover, it is very simple and affordable.


Caries is a very ambiguous dental disease. In reality it is difficult to get it, if you regularly brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, caries will sooner or later capture the oral cavity if you use conventional means of preventing it. According to recent studies, 90% of men and women over 40 years have caries.



The fact is that conventional toothbrushes cope with their task not very well. Moreover, the use of such brushes requires a sufficiently long period of time. This is not very convenient. Most automatic brushes are quite effective, but at the same time they are totally inflexible in terms of configuration, so the brush that you purchase may fail to be good for a particular person.


These and many other problems are to be solved by GlareSmile toothbrush. This device is the result of scientific, technical and creative work of a wide group of experts over the past 5 years. The key feature of this device is that it is absolutely universal and suitable for people with very different teeth and various dental conditions. This has become possible due to the use of a flexible system of configurations and four modes of brushing.

GlareSmile brushes teeth in remote places without any problems and does not cause discomfort. If necessary, you can switch different modes directly while brushing the teeth. The cleaning element itself consists of a number of brushes working simultaneously. They not only remove tooth plaque but also massage the gums.

The accessory is completely waterproof. The brush is run on the lithium-ion battery that is charged via USB. A convenient handle of GlareSmile toothbrush should be pointed out as well. It is also very easy to clean and disinfect the brush. This brush can help you clean your teeth in a matter of just 10 seconds.

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