7 Weirdest Addictions Ever

Addiction to anything is a terrible thing. It brings suffering not only to the person himself/herself, but also to the people around. Strange habits cause laughter, surprise, disgust and total rejection. But people just need professional help and support. Rehabilitation takes months and years.


7. Eating drywall

The walls are sometimes inhabited by little bugs that destroy drywall. This not only causes discomfort, but also damages the house, leading to extra expenses. There are people, who do not wait for mice or bugs, but eat the drywall themselves. They just break off pieces, leaving holes in the walls. This addiction is called “pica”. It is most often found in women, who experience metabolism misbalance in their body.

6. Relationship with a doll

It is sometimes difficult to build a relationship with another person, so one may use a doll for this purpose. There are people who get married and live with a doll as a couple. They dine together and go shopping. A man in love with a doll even makes massages and believes that they have a future. The main reason for this relationship is unknown, but experts tend to think that this condition is caused by Asperger’s syndrome or an experienced trauma, which manifests itself in social estrangement.

5. Eating toilet paper

We all know the main purpose of toilet paper. It is very rare that people perceive it as a food product as it looks like it’s not very appetizing. However, there are people who eat a few rolls of toilet paper every week and even take a roll of paper with them to the movies instead of popcorn. Doctors suggest that this could be caused by the lack of iron and calcium in the body.

4. The use of nail polish remover

They say that instead of water and energy drinks one can consume nail polish remover. However, not everyone. It is not only strange, but also dangerous to health.

3. The use of urine

People with incurable or intractable diseases are ready to try any means, including urine therapy. Every day, they drink a liter of urine, bathe in it, brush their teeth, and believe that it will help to heal. Of course, it contains much fewer harmful substances than chemotherapy, but the question asked by the patient’s friends and family members is whether it treats at all. It’s a strange addiction, but it is worth trying to understand because the patients desperately want to recover and use every opportunity.

2. Inhalation of baby powder

Most people suffer from the addiction to inhaling drugs. Their rehabilitation takes months and years. But there are people, who inhale baby powder, which is quite legal. This, of course, is much safer than cocaine, but still it is harmful to the lungs.

1. Falling in love with a car

We will not deny that many men are crazy about their cars. But there are those who are really in love with them. They give pet names to their cars and treat them as women. They drive the car for a date and when wash it, experiencing some sexual arousal. This is another example of fetishism and autism, when a person feels better dealing with inanimate objects rather than with people.

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