What Makes Your Hair Thinner?

Why does hair become thinner? The causes include genetics, nutrition, the choice of haircare products and the lifestyle. We have already written about this. In fact, your hair gets thinner depending on the load it is getting daily. Let’s talk about our habits. This is something we can change. Quite often, they have a very devastating effect on the hair, weakening and thinning it.


1. You constantly make the parting in the same place

Unfortunately, your stability and conservatism can lead to the weakening of your hair and even its loss at the site of a parting.

Stylists recommend a very simple solution. Clean hair should be parted in the same place, but on the next day you can make a new parting to cover the parting of the previous day. It’s not just going to prevent hair weakening, but will also help to mask fine fatty roots, if they appear.

2. You wash your hair at the first signs of fat

This leads to the fact that you become dependent on hair washing and use this procedure more often than necessary (every day or even more often). Very frequent washing makes the hair thin and lifeless because it does not have time to get soaked with the natural skin oils and harden.

Try dry shampoo. But if you do not understand the point of using it, at least follow the advice given above: comb your hair in a new way and let it get a little greasy as long as it is not noticeable.

3. You have a ponytail hairstyle during fitness exercises

This hairstyle seems practical and easy, but in fact, it causes more harm than benefit. Hair elastic is not the best idea for your hair, and during active physical activity, it will destroy it even more, literally wearing out your hair with every move of the head or each jump.

If you find this tip surprising and you have nothing but hair elastic, at least try not to have a tight hairstyle. The ponytail should be loose. Best of all, buy a sports tape as it can help to make a loose ponytail or a braid. The looser your hairstyle is the better. After all, the pores open up during the workout, and any movement, pulling the hair, can lead to the fact that hair follicles may get pulled out easily and you will lose more hair.

4. You do not use the hair dryer correctly

Firstly, it is important to reduce the time of exposing your hair to hot air, and there are several methods that you can read about below. Secondly, the hair suffers even after a minimal contact with a hot air stream, if the hair is too close to the hair dryer.

Start drying your hair without a hair dryer, absorbing moisture droplets with a dry soft towel or a cotton T-shirt. Do not rub your hair; instead – blot it with a cloth. Next, you should use a hair dryer. Do not rush to take a brush and pull the wet hair. First, dry it with your fingers, directing hot air from the hair roots to the tips. And only when the hair is at least 80% dry, you can use the brush.

Make sure you do not hold the dryer close to the brush, the distance from the dryer to the comb should be at least 5-6 cm. In addition, do not forget about thermoprotective styling products.

5. You wash your hair with too hot water

Hot water is too warm and makes the hair follicle porous, resulting in hair dryness and thinning.

Instead of hot water, choose warm and cool water. If you cannot resist taking a hot shower, at least end the procedure with cool water. This will strengthen the follicles and make the hair stronger and thicker. In general, you should never overheat the hair roots, and even warm wraps should not last for more than 20 minutes. After warming, try not to disturb the hair roots and the tips with a comb because the heated pores will open and your hair will be pulled out of the scalp very easily.