How to Know If Your Partner Is Faithful?

Trust is one of the most significant human values. A close circle of people is formed just based on this most important criterion. We experience anxiety and tension next to those we are not ready to trust. Our today’s article tells about the five signs when your partner may be unfaithful.

We all would like to be confident in our partner, but, unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone, and it doesn’t always happen. At first, there are doubts that the partner is not completely sincere. We begin to notice some inconsistencies and hesitate again. This time, it’s about whether these inconsistencies are the subject of our imagination or not. There are several signs by which we can assume with a high degree of probability that the partner is unfaithful and tells lies.

“Secret” means of communication

Your partner doesn’t leave their gadgets on the table when they go out of the room. They set passwords and do not intend to share them with you, motivating the refusal with important work matters and contacts. Of course, they say that nothing is interesting there.

Vague responses

When you ask your partner a direct question, instead of a direct answer you hear a confused story about something that may not even be related to your question. He tries to change the subject of the conversation. With such emotional stories, he wants to confuse you and make you lose the conversation thread.

Inconsistent words

You notice inconsistencies in the words of your partner with enviable regularity. Sometimes you feel like your memory may fail you, but perhaps you cannot be so critical of yourself and still listen to your feelings.

Nervous behavior

Learn the sign language. It is easy to deceive with words, but it is pretty difficult to do it with the body. Biting lips, looking away, fidgeting, touching the neck or tie during uncomfortable questions, “freezing” on some questions – these and other signs are difficult to hide. They give out insincerity rather quickly.

Separating you from your social circle

Your man’s reluctance to introduce you to his family and friends is an alarm bell. There is a reasonable explanation for this if your relationship is still very young and is going through the period of candies and flowers. Suppose you still haven’t seen a single member of his family and friends after six months or a year (and you know that they definitely exist). In that case, this is a fairly significant reason to think over the topic: “Are our relations serious, and what is my status?

Yet, the best way is an honest dialogue about what worries you. From the behavior of your man, you can understand a lot. If his behavior is calm, reasonable, and interested and he can dispel your doubts with some facts, this is a good sign.

However, many women opt for verification methods such as surveillance, smartphone checking, eavesdropping, and other clever tricks. If you have to keep an eye on him, most likely, the problem is obvious.

You have a pathological distrust of your partner, and sooner or later this will affect your relationship negatively. Who would like it when somebody watches them and does not believe a single word?

Alternatively, your man really has something to hide, and he, apparently, is not afraid of losing you since he is cheating. Is there value in such a relationship?

There is one good way to watch a man and understand a lot for yourself. Get to know his family and watch how he behaves around his closest ones. Is there a warm, trusting relationship within the family?

The main thing is to determine your values and what you are not ready to accept. Everything is obvious if the partner’s lie has crossed your red line. It is unlikely that you will be able to forget and survive it so easily.

It also happens that people themselves provoke partners to cheat. For example, you always suspect your husband of infidelity, although he never gave you a reason. You’ve had negative experiences in the past and now you’ve decided to “watch out” and be more mindful – it’s just a defense mechanism. Any hyper control always breeds a lie. This should not be forgotten when we violate the rights and freedoms of our loved ones, including our men.

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