Holiday Romance: For and Against

For many people, holiday romance is something like a mandatory attribute of a summer holiday. The rustle of the sea, chocolate tan, exotic fruits, and certainly the Mexican passion on the beach, in a hotel room and everywhere. Maybe, a trip to the sea without a romantic adventure is really a waste of money? Or it is better not to get involved in a holiday romance? After analyzing the situation, we found five arguments against it, and only one for.


The percentage of holiday romances that ended happily, or at least without any problems, is terribly small. Depending on various factors, such as time and place of your vacation, age, especially education, craving for alcohol, etc. only 3-5% of the holiday romance ends without negative consequences. Read below what underwater danger threatens your love catamaran at a resort.
Unfamiliar people are very attractive, but alas, they are not quite healthy… and contagious. And it is not only about sexually transmitted diseases that can be prevented by means of personal protection. There are also unexpected things. For example, even the most expensive condoms proven by electronics do not protect you from scabies.
No matter who you are – a wealthy man or a woman who barely keeps her body and soul together to have a vacation. Under the guise of beach passions, experienced speculators and adventurers can successfully draw money out of you.
A person crazy with the sun, sea and the splash of hormones is defenseless and ready for various feats; he/she very uncritically assesses what is happening around. It is not a problem for such a person to go to an unknown disco in the middle of the night. He/she will easily travel in a car with a stranger. And there is a great variety of horrible options…
What is the purpose of a holiday romance? To get pleasure. What scenario is possible? The first option is a bad, ugly, embarrassing situation that is better to forget as soon as possible. The second option: everything is fabulous, wonderful, and you want it to last endlessly… That’s where the shoe pinches – a holiday romance by definition is fleeting and brief. It turns out that a good holiday romance is also bad! It ends too soon, leaving the feeling of deception, frustration, and permanent loss of something valuable. It causes even more suffering in this case.

Horrible? Not quite. Because there is an argument in favor of a holiday romance that can cover all the arguments against. And the argument is as follows: in summer you can find true love at a resort. Yes, it may seem strange, but some holiday romances, albeit rarely, end happily!

In an atmosphere of their summer vacation, people sometimes reveal their souls and not just undress on the beach. It may happen that a person who accompanied you on the way to the beach will be your partner to the rest of your life. Pack a suitcase – and good luck!

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