First Date Sex

First Date SexOnly woman herself can decide whether she should go for the first date sex or do it sometime later in the dating process. British scientists, however, warn that most females are disappointed in the first date sex. A study was conducted to establish this fact. The scientists asked a large number of women to do the study’s questionnaire and then made the conclusion that intimacy is not something we can rush with. Why?

Women Regret First Date Sex

The results of the questionnaire showed that about half of the women regret having sex on the first date, and in addition most of the women reported that their expectations about the sex were not met.

In contrast to women, 80% of the questioned males were satisfied with the first date sex.

Woman’s Feeling after One Night Stand

How come women and men feel so differently about the same question? As professor Anne Campbell noted the female respondents feel like they were “used” and “fell low” after the first date sex. Other say that they were disgusted and it felt unpleasant, they expected something much better, and that the sex turned out to be simply disgusting.

Why Women Want Casual Sex

Nevertheless, women often enough decide to go with the casual sex. One of the reasons that make them go for the first date sex is that during the ovulation phase, between the days 10 and 18 of the cycle, their sexual desire and arousal rise.

During the ovulation phase women tend to prefer short-term relationships.

Why Women Regret One-Night Stand

But once those days pass – 58% of women state that they would never go for it again. The scientists say that women are not very good with the one-night stands and prefer quality over quantity. The females most of all did not like not the fact that the relationship was short-lived but that, as they believe, the partner did not appreciate them at their true worth. As the results of the study showed, women believe that such lack of appreciation implies that the male believes that she does it with anyone.

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