Family Life Crises

Australian psychologists in the pages of The Psychological Science have highlighted some key periods of marital life when husband and wife have serious problems, and suggested some ways out of crisis situations.

Family Life Crises

Among the key moments of crisis, the experts named the following:

  1. period coming immediately after honeymoon;
  2. birth of a child;
  3. financial difficulties;
  4. marital infidelity;
  5. change of work;
  6. retirement.

The scientists argue that the couples will overcome inevitable periods of crisis much easier if they in advance will be aware of the pitfalls encountered in marriage. Moreover, in this case the moments of crisis only draw a husband and wife more closely together as they will together work out crisis management strategies.

However, psychologists point out that according to statistics, today just a little more than twenty percent of spouses survive all the six periods and preserve a relationship to the end. Most couples “break up” already at the second or fourth crisis.

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