7 Ways to Apply Eyeshadow

It is very hard to do the same routine procedure – to apply makeup every morning. Women always get tempted to do something different, something unusual. Here is what we think- there are several ways to apply eyeshadow. We found seven methods. Perhaps, some of you know some other ways to apply eyeshadow. In that case, read ours and send us yours!

Makeup, eyeshadows

Use eyeshadow as eyeliner

Apply your usual eyeliner. Take the thin eyeshadow brush or the eyebrows brush. Wet the brush and pick up the eyeshadow. Apply eyeshadow right over the eyeliner line and in the corner of your eyes. Now you have a new luxurious image! If you are brave enough then try this method with light eyeshadow colors. Bright fuchsia or lime colors create really cool looks, especially for exciting and fun parties!

Brighten your eyelid

Pick up any color in metallic shade and apply to the inner corner of eyes, close to the nose, and just below the eyebrow line. Eyelid itself can be coated with any color. You can even leave it natural, without the color!

Color the entire eyelid with eyeshadow

Try applying the eyeshadow in a different way. Apply color not strickly to the moving part of the eyelid. Pick any color and use it to cover the entire surface of the eyelid, up to the eyebrow line. Apply with constant saturation. You will get this year’s hot fall image!

Three eyeshadow colors

It is easy to diversify your make-up by using three eyeshadow colors at once. You can buy a three-color palette or use your own imagination to mix colors. Apply the lightest color to the entire eyelid (from the eyelashes line to the eyebrow line). Apply the darker color to the moving part of the eyelid, and the darkest color goes to the innermost fold.

Two eyeshadow colors

This method can be used for work make-up. Apply lighter color under the eyebrow line and inner corners of eyes, and darker color on the moving part of the eyelid.

Experiment with your application technique

You can apply your eyeshadow with a dry applicator today. Tomorrow – use the moist one, and the day after tomorrow try applying the same eyeshadow on top of your foundation.

Take a break from eyeshadows

Arrange an eyeshadow-free day. Many women are surprised by how nice the skin on their eyelids looks without color. Its a new image as well!

Source of the image: Photl.