Dating Tips for a Single Parent

So your partner has walked out on you leaving you utterly devastated and with a kid (or maybe two). You are naturally smarting, with your self-esteem as low as it has never been, and if time can ever heal this wound, it has just started, so no result is in sight yet. You are chewing on the bitter pill of living single and you are sure you won’t ever meet somebody nice who will love you and want to join his life to yours. Nevertheless, some time has worn away, you will regain confidence and your thoughts may start turning on meeting a new love. Now that the wish is there, you may want to have a few guidelines to help you on your way to a loving heart.

Come to terms with a desire to find a new partner

If you have friends who are vociferous about your not needing a new partner or about feeling guilty for wanting one, turn a deaf ear to them.

It doesn’t mean that you are unable to go on alone: you can and you have done it for a while, so it’s not related to your disability, but rather to your shaping your future.

You feel your wholeness, so your inner call out for a new partner is a reflection of your emotional and physical needs, never meaning that you are weak or dependent.

On the contrary, accepting your real needs openly is characteristic of a bold and honest individual who faces their issues shorn of undue hesitation.

Finally, being square about meeting a kindred soul makes it easier to make your wish come true.

Voice your wish to date prospective partners

Don’t think twice about telling the people around you what kind of person you would like to meet and what your ultimate purpose is. They are likely to know a person who might fit your bill. It could be much better to meet a person who can be vouched for by your friends.

Revise your past

Your past experience is there dragging behind your back. Before you commit yourself, see what it is that you will bring into the new relationship. Accepting yourself and your baggage will help you to be as honest as you can, and that means you are starting something healthy that has a good chance to succeed.

Remember that you are in it for enjoyment

Searching for someone eligible might grow upon you as a sort of obligation. Like you owe it to yourself and have to make it all right as soon as you can. You don’t, so mind you are enjoying the process of dating.

Plan new activities: take up a team sport, go on a hiking trip, take a training course that you wanted way back then, give a try to the new local restaurant. Apart from bringing in something new into your life, you will be meeting people who share your interests.

Don’t expect anything

Have you thought about going on a date just for the sake of enjoying a pleasant chat and a great meal in a congenial company? But basically, that’s what it’s meant to be. Early-day expectations can bring on unnecessary tension that can be insidious. Why not stay bent on enjoyment instead of letting in big questions about who we can be for each other?

Don’t aim at the follow-up

If you start with trying to make out whether he is Mr. Right or falls short of being It, you will be involved in your inner calculations. Why not embark on a simple affair of flirting and let it be as easy-going as dating can ever be?

Use social sites for striking up an acquaintance

There are special social sites that are honed for single parents wanting to get serious with somebody else. It can be entertaining and helpful to go through profiles and see what kind of people can be contacted there. You know beforehand that these people are kindred souls who understand your position perfectly and you can always enter your specifications to see who suits your expectations.

Know that you are arranging your future according to your wishes

Chances run high that you can connect with a person who is on a lookout for a serious relationship. Just think that you are providing for your happiness – that will make your search more delightful.

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