How to Break up without Hurting Your Partner?

Breaking up with a loved one is always difficult. tell you how to make the breakup less painful.


Love does not go away completely. Even if after a long relationship you realize that the man next to you is not the right one, you just cannot stop loving him at once. Indeed, over the years spent together, he has become a close person. Even if you have lost the romance, you are still connected to each other with shared happy moments in the past, shared dreams and plans for the future. Breaking up with the partner means hurting him.

Make decisions yourself

Breaking up is not always accusations, hysterics and breaking plates. It sometimes happens that, having lived with a man for many years, you suddenly realize that you love another one. No one is immune from this. However, the former relationship often does not let us take a step towards our destiny. It means that we have to go through the thorny period of uncertainty – either you can find happiness with a new flame or the affair will turn a disappointment. Besides, someone will have to change their daily habits, someone will have to get used to other people’s children. In short, getting out of your comfort zone is difficult.

Leave all these agonies with you

If your passion has cooled, but there is still a warm feeling for your partner in your heart, do not hurt him, do not drag him into your inner conflict. Do not seek advice from friends and family, no one fully understands what is going on in your soul, and what makes you leave. You will have to find the answer yourself, but if the decision is not in his favor, do not linger.

Do not blame anyone

Feeling guilty, the person who decides to give up a long-term relationship, subconsciously tries to find faults in the partner to shift the responsibility for the breakup: “He spends too much time at work”, “He is not capable of romance”, “He drinks “- the options are various. We start looking for a cause – a convenient springboard to help us out of the vicious circle of a relationship that is no longer satisfying. This springboard is often the ex-lover. Both of you are to blame, and it makes no sense to figure out whose fault it is.

Do not feel sorry for the partner, but respect his feelings

Pity is not a feeling, which can help build a happy family. Unlike sympathy, it puts you above your partner and shows that you perceive him as weak, unable to take care of himself. However, is it really so?

Pity is the worst assistant to ease the pain of breaking a long-term relationship. If you both agree that you are grown up people who may not always be responsible for turns of fate, you will not need to make excuses or regret.

If you have already understood that breakup is inevitable, but you cannot decide on the final step because you feel sorry for your partner, you put both of you at a disadvantage. You not only turn a blind eye to the fact you are sick and tired of your man, but also deprive him of the possibility to get over you and find a woman for a real relationship.

Only respect and sincere sympathy can help heal the wounds of the man you have to hurt. However, this does not mean that you have to cry through the long evenings with him or discuss the situation in detail. Your sympathy may be in sparing him the necessity to see you, or omitting the details of what led you to the decision to break up.

Finally, take care of yourself

Be grateful for the happy moments you have experienced together, but do not let them play with you. Do not rush to the phone with tears in your eyes to dial a number at the sound of the song, to which you danced once with your ex during a romantic holiday. If you feel that any detail is causing your painful memories, take care of yourself and ignore it. Leave the past behind, be the mistress of your destiny and look into the future. Take care of yourself and your new life.

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