An Average Relationship Lasts Less Than 3 Years

It is untrue that an average relationship lasts 7 years. Researchers have found that today lovers separate in two years and nine months, and social networks are to blame.


Psychologists have different opinions about the period, after which the lovers’ feelings subside, and love gives way to everyday problems. The most popular theory is that the average length of a relationship is 7 years, and if love is successfully bypasses this milestone, the chances for a long and happy life together get much higher.

As shown by a study conducted by British sociologists, 7 years is a very inflated term for couples who are in stable relationships. Today more and more partners break up after about two years and nine months after the beginning of the affair. These data were obtained after a survey of 1 953 adults, which parted or divorced their partners in the past two years. None of the respondents had children from those with whom they parted.

24% of respondents were married, 41% lived together, and 35% lived alone, but dated regularly. Unfortunately, most couples did not last up to three years of the relationship. When the researchers looked into the reasons preventing people from staying together longer, the main one turned to be Internet. 79% of respondents actively used social networks and 54% of them considered Facebook and Twitter the main reason why their relationship collapsed. Most people started actively flirting with someone online or found a new partner there.