Ravijour True Love Tester Bra

Japanese scientists have invented a bra that can analyze a woman’s feelings and unhooks automatically.


True Love Tester is the name of the new bra from Ravijour. This underwear is equipped with touch sensors and a clasp responsive to feelings. The bra communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and a special application determines the need to unhook the bra.

What parameters determine a woman’s feelings? Heart rate, hormone levels, and the general condition of the nervous system.


The developers claim that women do not need to fear that the bra will unhook at the wrong time, since the application is able to distinguish the rapid heartbeat caused by love from that while doing sports or watching a horror movie.

Moreover, True Love Tester is impossible to unhook until the indicators of “love” on the smartphone screen reach 100% . Therefore, it will be a woman’s additional protection against unwanted relationships.


How much will the new miracle bra cost is still unknown.

Previously, scientists from the United States had created another “useful” bra that is unhooked by clapping.

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