9 Most Common Sex Myths

Scientists made women disappointed – a man’s shoe size cannot be correlated with the size of his penis. Experts brought together 10 most popular sex myths just to dispel them.


1. Big foot – big delight

It’s amazing how many people truly believe that men with big feet have a large penis. In fact, there is no connection between these two indicators. The study in Canada involving 63 men confirmed that penis size does not depend on foot size.

2. Males reach their sexual peak at 18, and women – at 28

This sex myth relates to the fact that the level of testosterone in males reaches its maximum at 18, and estrogen in women – at 28. Since the decline of the sex hormone is associated with falling libido, you can supposedly identify male and female sexual peak. However, what does a peak mean? If we consider the number of sexual intercourses, men have maximum (over 4 weekly) after 30 or even after 40 – with a constant partner. Finally, sexual desire depends on many factors, not only age.

3. Sex helps to lose weight

It sounds nice, but during the average intercourse time, you can lose from 25 to 125 calories. Alas, it does not help to lose weight.

3. Men think about sex every 7 seconds

If that were true, most men would have long gone insane. In fact, men really think about sex more than women do, but only several times a day, as the study has revealed.

4. Oysters are an aphrodisiac

No scientific study has confirmed the validity of this old sex myth. Oysters contain zinc, which is essential for healthy sperm, but they contain no ingredients to increase libido. Chocolate is a much more effective aphrodisiac, which lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow to the penis. Besides, it improves mood!

5. Sex is bad for people with a weak heart

We have heard lots of stories about elderly men who died during sex with young wives or mistresses. In fact, if you do not have diabetes and do not smoke, the risk of dying during sex is one in a million. Moreover, people need exercise after a heart attack, so sex is not dangerous for them at all.

6. Contraceptives make you gain weight

All medications have side effects, but oral contraceptives do not cause weight gain.

7. Testicles go down with age

That is what many men think. Although male reproductive system is prone to aging (like everything else in our body is), and the skin eventually becomes flabby, the scrotum muscles retain their effectiveness.

8. Sex before sport is dangerous

It is believed that sex adversely affects performance, that is why athletes are often forbidden to have sex before a competition. In fact, sex has absolutely no influence on muscle strength, flexibility, response, and other indicators.

9. Housework improves men’s sex life

This is the only sex myth that is true. The more a man helps his woman about the house, the more energy she will save for lovemaking. And the mood will rise considerably.

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