8 Signs of a Healthy Relationships

We have already listed the signs that you are with the wrong person, talked about toxic habits in relationships, and protected you from an unsuccessful affair in every possible way. If all these texts are not about your life, it’s time to admit that you and your boyfriend are an ideal couple. However, here are a few signs that can say for sure, without any horoscopes, that you are in a healthy modern relationship.

1 You know all the passwords, but do not see the point in monitoring each other

“I declare you husband and wife, you can exchange your iPhone passwords” – if this prospect does not frighten you, congratulations, your relations are as close to the ideal as possible. One thing is not to beg for a password, another thing is to know it and still do not look. Many people need iron will, steel nerves, and titanium patience to do this.

2 You are comfortable being silent together

One of the most accurate signs that you are in a healthy relationship – you don’t mind being silent around each other. This means that you already trust each other enough, so that you do not have to confirm your feelings with constant attention. It is priceless when you can read a book or browse social networks while he is killing terrorists in a computer game, without feeling that silence distances you or creates embarrassment.

3. You do not worry about his behavior in your absence

This is again about trust, a thing as complex and multi-layered as the looks of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. If everything is all right with this – we mean trust, not looks – you are probably certain that he is not attending orgies, drinking with homeless people or wasting your common budget in the casino without telling you.

4. You do not worry about his behavior in social networks

There are three things that happy couples do not do when they spend time on the Internet. They do not flirt with other people, do not leave likes under the photos of attractive strangers and people whose profiles look like a portfolio for the ‘’tightest ass’’ contest, and think twice before adding people who can create problems in a relationship – for example, their exes. Social networks are just a part of life. The way you interact with people on the Internet should not interfere with real relationships.

5. You are serious about each other’s career

Balancing between work and relationships can be difficult, especially when you are young and inexperienced in both. Both partners must support each other’s career ambitions, even if this is not convenient. If your boyfriend reacts to your overtime or business trips exactly as Andy’s boyfriend from “The Devil Wears Prada” movie, you should be wary. Especially if the career of a housewife is not what you plan.

6. You respect each other’s family and friends

This does not mean that, if your boyfriend does not fit into your company, he has no place in your life. He should at least treat the people dear to you with respect. Phrases like “here you go again meeting this whore” or “your friends-morons have turned up” do not inspire optimism and faith in your relationship.

7. Even your quarrels are not so bad

Quarrels, like any war, should be conducted according to the rules. While the methods and means of warfare are determined by international humanitarian law, the rules of a good family quarrel are dictated by psychologists, our own upbringing and common sense. Unfortunately, we cannot help with the latter, but we will gladly share some expert tips with you. As the relationship specialist Dr. Terri Orbuch said in an interview with Huffington Post, a good relationship is when you two argue honestly. In other words, you do not curse, do not shout and do not kick each other out. In general, everything is simple and difficult at the same time. Try to find out who is wrong without monstrous accusations and name-calling.

8. You respect each other

Most of the items on this list are reduced to one thing – respect. If it is there, your quarrels will be fair, and you will not have to worry that now he is pressing the “like” button under the photo of another big-breasted beauty, his fingers sweating from the excitement. You will take each decision – from what to have for dinner to buying an apartment – together. If you have found gaps in several points, then you still have something to work on, that’s all.

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