7 Things That Turn Men on

Every woman has at least once asked herself the question of what arouses men. And it is most likely she responded to it incorrectly because men’s magazines, pornographic films, movies and television do not often provide the most accurate information. However, Geniusbeauty.com has found out how things really are.


Sexy clothes

Sexologists are sure that the most alluring for men is the look of a woman in jeans with unfastened fly, or on shirt with unbuttoned top button. Many are turned on by the look of a girl, dressed in a man’s shirt or a T-shirt that barely cover their butt. Many men consider girls in stylish glasses as sexy.

Sexy underwear

Many men like to have sex without taking off their partner’s pants – they think it’s enough to move them aside. Preferences for fashion are unclear, but some men, despite women’s expectations, do not consider G-strings as sexy. However, there were divergent views as for “arousing” color. Both psychologists and men agree that pink, grey, purple and blue do not stimulate the desire to have sex.


Moaning during sex

Most men die of delight when their partner says (or moans) in a muffled voice. Only 6% of men consider loud moans and let alone screams as arousing.

“Dirty” words

Many men admit that they go crazy when their lover utters different obscene words of sexual nature during sex or before it (at the moment before the prelude, or in a taxi on the way home).


Men like pleasant smells, and mostly not perfume but natural smells. Aromas of sage, sandal, and ylang-ylang promise rough sex. Smells of orange, pine needles, and vanilla would ensure full tenderness and warmth of love game. Essential oils are the best options.



British scientists have reported another shocking news – many men are incredibly turned on by the look of angry women. This is explained by the fact that during moral tension, her beautiful breasts raises, her breathing is hurried and her eyes sparkle.

Woman’s appearance

Women are confident that men are attracted by a striking appearance – certain breast size, waist measurements, the shape of the lips … According to sexologists, many men, however, pay attention to something entirely different. It turns out that the most attractive in a woman is her steps and come-hither look, as well as temperament.

Undoubtedly, a naked female body has always been and remains the winner…

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