7 Myths about Men Women Believe

There exist many a notion that are hardly more than makebelieve – or even spiteful – rumors. So many pre-set notions each sex has about the opposite sex, ones that we have been fed since childhood, that it’s worth your while to sort them out and see whether all of them can be believed. Here are some things about men that credit no faith at all, though they are persistently repeated.


1. Mean Means Likes

True, some boys do not know how to express their interest to a girl except by being bothersome. That leads grow-ups to explaining it away by “he likes you and that makes him do mean things to you.” But purposeful bullying and affectionate teasing are two very different things, and repeating it you can teach your girl to believe that affection comes with being nasty. Teasing is no good way to express your feelings, and both girls and boys ought to be brought up understanding that.

2. Men Never Cry

The notion that men never cry – or are supposed not to – is actually preposterous. Everyone has emotions, and everyone is likely to cry at times. Grief or stress can squeeze out tears, and it’s only natural. Men may make out that they are impervious to gentler feelings, but don’t you believe it.

3. Men Are Breadwinners

There used to be a time when the burden of providing the family’s budget lay with men solely while their wives watched over the household, but it’s in the past. The times have moved on, and now it’s nothing special if the man looks after the house and does the cooking while his wife is out earning her wad. So long as the partners think it’s the best arrangement, there’s no obligation for the man to be the principal moneymaker.

4. The Epitome of Power

Again, we are used to men holding far more positions of power compared to women, but it doesn’t mean they are more compelling by nature. Women have proved it that they have a perfect right to place themselves among the powerful ones of the world and they are here to stay. Now we all know that people are equal and their abilities have nothing to do with gender.

5. Men Go after Every Skirt

Once again, we’ve left the times when men were free to chase women about town behind. The question of personal loyalty aside, these days what is acceptable for one sex is likewise acceptable for the other. Male promiscuity is no better that female one, so men are no longer to be excused for bedding every woman they meet just because they are men.

6. Men Take Care of Bills

It’s nice from the traditional point of view when your man picks up the bill as a matter of fact. Maybe on a first date it’s still acceptable, but it should no longer be a standing habit. It just isn’t fair, basically. What’s wrong with going Dutch or take turns settling bills? Some men may want to do it every time, but it’s better become an obsolete practice.

7. Men Move First

Men used to take the lead upon themselves and express their interest in a woman first. There are many who stick to this tradition, but the other way round is nothing new now. Why shouldn’t a woman become responsible for initiating or cultivating a relationship? If at a certain period the woman behaves in a more decisive fashion, she has every right to.

That’s certainly not a complete list of notions that should be dissolving and on their way out. Don’t take anything for granted, keep your eyes peeled to be realistic in your relationship!

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