5 Tips on How to Become a Perfect Lover


A perfect lover is the woman, who is able to bring happiness to a man in bed. But the secret of her success is a more complicated thing.

Sex and Health Facts

A perfect lover adores sex, and this woman knows how to give pleasure and receive it.

There is one unwritten rule – a perfect lover prefers to have sex for pleasure rather than to have sex in order to be estimated or when it is needed to do so. Her having sex is the result of her experience, which involves her fantasy and skills.

1. Learn how to guess the desire of a man

He wants affection and tenderness today, and in a few days he will need cruel sex. However, men do not usually talk about their desires, they hope that the woman will guess about them. And if not, let it be. You need to learn the feelings of your soul mate.

2. Welcome experiments

Things, such as erotic lingerie, have not been created in vain. Suggest your man trying something new in sex. Change your positions and places, play sexy games. Read more literature and train your intimate muscles.

3. Reveal your own sexuality

If you have a complex concerning your appearance, you only have two ways out: to get rid of the complexes or to refine your appearance. Remember that if you yourself feel sexy and attractive, other people will also perceive you this way.

4. Flirtation

Be impulsive and passionate. Flirt with a man in bed. Let him be charmed by your activity, creativity, and appeal.

5. Do not talk too much in bed

Think, whether it is necessary to speak about abstract themes at such a crucial moment. Let sex be your physical and emotional relaxation.