5 Reasons Not to Date a Married Man


Stories of love triangles can be surprisingly multifaceted. The feeling does not care if you are free or tied with bonds of marriage already.


We all often make mistakes. Sometimes we think that love will overcome all obstacles, so you fall head over heels in love, and you could not care less what happens then. Therefore, an affair with a married man is a common phenomenon in women’s lives. However, it is mostly is a hopeless venture with 99% failure. Why is it better to run away immediately from married men?

1. There is no future with a married man

Virtually every married man will tell you heartbreaking stories about his wife, who is terminally ill and whom he can not leave, about the little son who needs to grow up before you and he can be together, and about sleeping in different rooms with his wife for 20 years.

He is just pulling your leg. If a man wants to leave a woman for another one – he does it, no matter what. He understands that living with a woman whom he does not love and whom he cheats on is 100 times worse than leaving and giving her a chance to meet a normal loving man.

However, it is tempting to eat your cake and have it. A ready dinner and a clean house here, and sex and fun there, why not?

2. Remorse

Of course, there are situations where women have no conscience. Then you can skip this paragraph. However, in most cases, they do, and it often reminds about itself with guilt. Therefore, you will be ashamed of having sex with a married man, and every time you will come up with a million excuses: “this is love!” or “it’s just sex,” or “it’s his fault, I have nothing to do with it.” This kind of self-deception may work several times, but when the situation continues, the burden of guilt will become heavier and heavier. Your relationship and your big love will bring more discomfort than joy. Something is wrong, isn’t it?

3. Waste of time

If you’re still single, but you really want to be married, it is not worth wasting time on the men who are already there. You will waste a lot of time, emotions, health, youth, and beauty on a completely hopeless story, while the man will lose nothing. In fact, he will even benefit. You will lose the game and fail to get a wedding ring and vows at the altar. When you realize that there is nothing to catch, it may be too late. Much has been missed, self-esteem dropped, and vitality decreased. Meanwhile, the ring finger is still ringless.

4. Waiting and longing

A married man can not spend the whole weekend with you, sleep next to you every night, or go on a vacation by the ocean, because he has only one vacation and two children. Calls, text messages, and other forms of communication will occur only when it is convenient to him. At other times, you will hardly be able to call him at 3 in the morning with an offer to meet at dawn at the embankment, and he is unlikely to keep you company. Such inconsistencies will affect everything: in order to avoid publicity and to protect his wife from unnecessary information, he will not acquaint you with his friends or family. Neither will he invite you to parties at work. Therefore, you will be in a constant state of waiting most of the time.

5. Spoiled karma

Admit it, you would not like it if your husband cheated on you, would you? However, you know about the law of the boomerang – what goes around comes around. All the pain, hurt, suffering inflicted on others will eventually return even in a worse form. When you become a married man’s lover, you project the same situation into the future, only you will be the deceived wife. A simple rule of life: do not do things that you do not want to happen with you. If you have been lucky a few times in the youth, do not deceive yourself and others, because this will not always be so. The boomerang will return.