3 Women's Stupid Relationship Fears

Even smart, beautiful and self-sufficient women are often pursued by complexes, fears and doubts, especially when it comes to relationships with men. So what are all women afraid of?

Couple in love

Will He Find Me Pesky?

”To call or not to call? If I call, he’ll think I’m pesky.”

Such fears are inherent to every girl, especially when she is in love and is not sure that her feelings are mutual. But we must understand that one call won’t play a key role, and even three will not. But if you’ve already called him eight times and have written fifteen more sms, be sure he finds you not only pesky but crazy as well.

Thinking too Much

”I thought he thought I thought.”

No need to think through his mind beforehand – you will never know how he will behave in a certain situation. Of course, you have read many novels and women’s magazines, and you have a lot of experience in dealing with men, but do not project this experience to the new acquaintance. You still do not know him well enough to make theories.

I’m Boring, Stupid etc.

”Oh, my God, what have I said! What a fool I am!”

You can endlessly keep intellectual conversations, be clever and witty in the company of friends, but once you are left alone with a new boyfriend, you begin to talk nonsense. And the more you are trying to prove him that you are a clever and interesting interlocutor, the more nonsense you say. Do not try to impress, just be yourself, talk the way you communicate with your friends. Besides, in an effort to show all your intelligence, you can just drown the man in the stream of your erudition, and he will think he is unworthy of such a “goddess” like you.