17 Tips on How to Survive a Breakup

No matter how often we’ve been through this, the next split comes just as painful as the very first one. Once again, we are left with a feeling of not being appreciated properly and with a self-respect that’s been bruised and kicked around. Of course, we have to leave it all behind us and get a move on, but always a little help goes a long way. So, how to get over a breakup easier? There are ways.


Apart from the hurt, it can be a tumultuous split, and the boyfriend may keep tormenting you trying to take it all out on you. But bear in mind that you’re one fine woman who can live it down and be the better for experience, and just remember these pieces of advice to adapt to the circumstances.

If it’s a breakup, it’s a breakup

Don’t go for those off-today on-tomorrow scripts, wearing and exhausting and promising less and less with each subsequent false breakup. Brace yourself and make a clean cut of it.

Cry your pain out

Now that you know you are left alone, accept it with all emotions that ensue. You want to cry over it? Do it and let yourself go unashamedly.

Let your friends in on it

Rope in your support group, make an evening of it with all the necessities included – wine, songs, tissues. Discuss it thoroughly.

Drown it in wine

Pour yourself some champagne for the forgetting process to go along more smoothly. Wash down your pain and anger.

Treat yourself to some quality time

Isn’t it an apt time to do yourself some good and enjoy little things about life? Immerse yourself in whatever you like best.

Throw away everything that’s left behind him

You really don’t want his things and his presents lying around your place reminding you of him. Garbage bin is the place for the hateful stuff!

Complete a list of his drawbacks

Remember each time he stumbled, you may be surprised how many of them there were. Begin with him leaving you, being unable to see what a fine girl you are.

Dress up and restyle your hair

Were there clothes he didn’t want you to wear? A hairdo he was all against? You can flaunt them now with pleasure.

Undergo shopping therapy

‘Cause it works. Have fun shopping!

Go to the gym and shape up

Let him see how fit you are once he’s out of your life. Sport your trimmed-down body for him (and others) to ogle.

Don’t pick up the phone

When he tries to contact you, just fail to answer.

He wants you both to come together again?

What a disdainful idea, really. You want none of that.

He begs and implores?

It may be very gratifying, but don’t you fall for that stuff.

Enjoy yourself

You’re suffering, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re gorgeous! Why not don a short dress and go partying? Is there one good reason you shouldn’t?

Be open to advances

You’re on your own now, so you can work your eyelashes, smiles and little gestures on other men around you and observe the reaction.


You don’t feel like dating at first – nevertheless, go for it. The unwillingness will pass soon.


Just laugh out aloud, let it out, start feeling better right away. Let yourself be happy on your own.

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