17 Reasons a Cat Is Better Than a Man

It’s great to have a good boyfriend around, but when all’s said and done, what about a furry friend? Isn’t one much, much better for our home quietude, for making us relax and have a good time? Think about it – how you always have what you want from them (and that’s definitely not about boys!), how you can get on with your life without opinion clashes, and finally, how huggy and fluffy the little dears are! So, what if we turn to cats and draw an honest comparison between them and boys – who will win? Do you think you know the answer?


There’s never any doubt about relationship

You know at all times that everything is just fine between you. If something should go wrong, you get scratched and that’s over. No tension leading to psychological strains. It’s all love and affection, and the attention is always welcome.

They heed you

You can even say they listen to you – and you can rely on it that they sympathise with your problems.

No complaints of being neglected

You want to go out? Fine, enjoy yourself and don’t expect texts like “what are you doing and who are you with? Your cat.” When you come back you get a sincere heraty welcome and no stupid questions asked.

Cats never mind what you do

Muddled with too much drink? No judgement passed, no words, no glances, and when your cat reacts by lying down on you and dropping off, it is a greater way to sleep it off.

You want to stay glued to the TV? Fine

No reproach from your cat when you’re engrossed in your favorite talk show or reality program for hours.

Any meal will do and gratitude is on the way

Unwrap a packet of cat food and you’re there, thankful purring will come in due time. Now think how you toil at the kitchen table and what reaction it will draw from your boyfriend.

No strings attached

What your cat has but you don’t is lovers on the side who never come calling, parents who don’t expect you to have dinners with them and go out on a limb to be liked, freinds who wish to chat you up when you don’t. It’s just your cat and it wants to sit on your lap for a while.

Cats can use litter boxes

That’s what so many human beings can’t do. Comparison between how much you clean up after your cat and after your boyfriend is where the humans lose miserably every time.

Cats are high on hygiene

Whenever the cat is not sleeping or eating, it is cleaning itself. You can’t even begin to imagine your boyfriend looking always spotlessly clean and dapper.

Cats are practically synonimous with caressing

When you’ve reached the end of the day what you want is unconditioned relaxation, and cats seem to have been especially trained for that in the paradise.

When cats fall, they land on their feet

They are well balanced animals, true. Which is more than can be said about some of our boyfriends, both physically and mentally.

Cats understand your desire to look good

It’s perfectly understandable for them that you spend all that time doing yourself up. Moreover, they are ready to join in the fun if you let them go at it with a ribbon or a sparkly bijou. Absolute harmony!

Purring wins over snoring paws down

It’s scientifically proven that purring is conducive to relaxing, while snoring is not! You’re fine with a lot of purring, whereas snoring can drive you mad and ruin your night. Oh my.

Cats stay

True, some people get a cat when they feel lonely. Nevertheless, you’re set for life with a loyal companion, and that’s a fact.

Your little hunter will share with you

Cat owners often receive regular trophies like dead mice and birds from their pets. Maybe you’ll succeed in explaining to your cat that you appreciate other things better and he will be getting you something useful and human…

Cats are ever graceful

Fitness is what your kitty knows everything about – he won’t start putting on those extra pounds and growing out of shape!

Cats are undeniably cute

This is the final winning argument. Whatever cats do, they look so adorable. They cannot spoil your day, bring down your mood or darken your life.

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