13 Long Distance Relationship Tips

Have you found a really exciting acquaintance who is living far away from you? Do you want to enter into a relationship? You’ll have to know a few hints to make it work better.


1. Set Your Relationship Goals

Make sure you clear up all relationship issues from the beginning so that you both understand where you are heading. Stating at once what you expect of the relationship may seem a difficult and premature step, but it is sure to exclude possible misunderstanding in future. Don’t hesitate to ask what the other person is hoping for, if they are ready to relocate if they begin to feel serious about you. Then you both will know what your goals are and whether they are similar.

2. Distance is no reason not to stay together and do things together

Apart from talking on the phone, you can do quite a few things simultaneously – it will bring a feeling of unity and provide you with lots of additional conversational topics. Imagine people who live together – they do not so much talk as perform chores or entertain themselves. Think what you can do at the same time exchanging your impressions of it.

3. Keep up communicating in more ways than one

Intersperse deep and meaningful talks with recounts of your routine successes and failures, ask what he or she would do if they were in your place, how they would feel. Make lavish use of VoIP, web cams, but don’t rely on these solely. Write long and detailed e-mails – it won’t cost you any, but will help you let the other know anything at once, especially if you show you care by writing things out in detail. Go heavy on communication, quantity pays, you can even compete with those who live in the same town with the other person if you contact often enough. Write about your love regularly, arrange for flowers and gifts whenever you feel like sharing your feelings.

4. Enjoy the advantages of a long-distance relationship

You have undisputed time for your friends and relatives, you are always glad to see/hear your beloved after a pause, and you never get to bickering over small things, never have to argue over what to do next, also, you have time to think when answering e-mails and always have time to cool down should anything goes (or seems to have gone) amiss. Lots of benefits, come to think of it!

5. Share your interests, it is not much more difficult apart

Read the same books, go to the same shows, movies or concerts, then get online and compare notes. Think of funny trifles that you can experience at the same time, like clock alarms reminding you to think of your love who is far away.

6. Never try and exercise control over distance

Both of you consider yourself in the relationship, so learn to trust one another and not be too pressing. You and the other person are free to judge for yourselves where to go and what to do, and it’s all right as long as you are happy to stay together. The distance between you makes no difference if things crumble down – you may get abandoned even if your partner goes to the bed with you every night. Therefore, you don’t benefit any by being controlling, while you can undermine the feelings for you.

It goes without saying that you both hobnob with people the other doesn’t know and stay out when you feel like talking online. That shouldn’t be a problem, really, apart from a little disappointment. So, why not take it for granted that the other person is innocent of cheating on you? Avoid believing in the worst possibilities before you get sound proof.

Be open about your activities and social occasions so that your partner doesn’t have any need for questions – or a feeling that you are too hasty over something and may be concealing things. Let yourself and him/her enjoy social life without fear of attracting acid and suspicious comments.

7. Discuss your life progress

Ask questions about your partner’s headway and offer encouragement. You will find you are far more efficient with additional motivation from your loved one. It may relate to your work or everyday habits. This way you have something to achieve while you are out of communication and discuss together later.

8. Plan your future together, so long as you’ve decided to unite

Dreaming about how it will come around, you show your partner that you want your relationship to grow and you are ready to invest into шею

9. Whenever you can, do and visit each other

You can go only so far on e-mails and phone calls, but the personal touch is sorely lacking, and you have to provide that, too. Better set rules about these visits and show your devotion by observing them. Get close to one another as often as you can, let your partner feel your presence.

10. Stay positive; let go of any negative facets quickly, let them slide by

Don’t get depressed if the other person can’t get in touch with you whenever you wish, instead make good use of the time apart developing your career or enjoying your hobbies. You can have a more creative and even better-quality kind of communication than when you see the other person every day, and that’s great for the relationship. While you are sure that you will get together some time soon, you have no reason to be blue, and convey your positive attitude to your partner.

11. Giving Gifts

Give your beloved one a gift of an object that you always carried on you or which has a high personal value, so that it could be used as a reminder and support when your partner is missing you, it will help to feel you near.

12. Make sure you are available in need

When your loved one gets in trouble or feels hurt, his/her need in you grows very acute, and it’s best you are there for her/him. They should be able to reach you when they really need your support and presence, even via the phone. Don’t let them cope with things alone, so that you could gradually become less necessary for them.

13.Get Really Intimate

Whenever you can, use any occasion to get intimate, try and make it so good as to last for the stretch of time you are apart. Keep the physical fire burning, too, let your relationship be physically exciting.

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